Tuesday, January 29, 2008

From Higgins to Societal Rules

  • Higgins recently announced support for SAML.

  • Liberty Alliance ID-WSF builds on SAML assertions and protocols in a number of ways.

  • A unique privacy-enabling piece of ID-WSF is the "Interaction Service", a set of related mechanisms whereby a user's Attribute Provider can, if the user is not currently visiting the Attribute Provider, reach out to pose queries to that user.

  • "Society", said the German sociologist Georg Simmel in 1908, "is merely the name for a number of individuals, connected by interaction."

  • 'Social Physics' was the term invented by August Comte to refer to the possibility of using scientific methods to analyze people and society.

  • Paul Trevithick now appears to spend less time on Social Physics than Higgins.

Ideally there would exist somewhere a university research study of the eponymous Tasmanian long-tailed mouse that used Shibboleth SSO to enable cross-school collaboration. Alas .....

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