Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Australia warns its travelers about the risks of Canada. My favourites

Heavy snowfalls and ice in the winter can make driving dangerous. The wind-chill factor can also create dangerously cold outdoor conditions.
We advise you to exercise caution and monitor developments that might affect your safety in Canada because of the risk of terrorist attack.
Bush and forest fires can occur any time in Canada.

I'm actually quite amazed that I'm still alive.

Based on my experience, Australian drivers are exposed to greater risk from ice when they reach into the back of their Ute to get a coldie from the Esky.

Oh my, a bush fire has started in my snow-covered back yard. Must go.


Pamela said...

On the other hand, if you were to fly into Calgary this week, you would actually have to deal with a windchill around -47 degrees Celsius. I can't argue - they called it.

My personal estimation is that as a result of the horrifically cold temperatures, Australians might actually be able to rest easier about the bush fires and the rampant infestation of terrorists though - and really, which would you rather have to deal with?

Toby said...

Hang on - is this the same Australia where 5 minutes in the sun turns you into a giant melanoma? Where the list of harmless animals has a single entry on it ('some of the sheep') and venomous beasties lurk around every corner? Where the catchphrase 'no worries' carries a very special irony? Good grief, maybe they're not as tough down there as we'd been lead to believe...

susankellogg said...

I think it is all because of climate and national difference. I mean, Australian used to hot weather all year through, so snow and chill wind can scare them... Besides, everyone has some stereotypes about other countries. It is quite natural. I am sure Canada warns its travelers about the “risks” of Australia, too.