Monday, October 14, 2013

Internet of Smells

If I've learned anything in 20 years of marriage, it is this

Hockey equipment must be aired out after use

Unfortunately every time the equipment is removed from the bag (enabling airing and thereby not negatively impacting marital complacency) there is a risk that it won't all be placed back in -  with almost certain consequences for pain & bruising during the next game.

What if every piece of equipment were able to report on its presence in (or more critically absence from) the bag as I pull it out of the garage?

How would the system learn that a particular piece of protective equipment was meant to be in the bag and, if not, alert me to that fact?

One model would be for me to manually specify a rule, ie 'At 6.15am on Tuesday & Thursday mornings, alert me if any of the 'Goalie Equipment' group of sensors are not within 1 m of the 'Goalie Hockey bag' sensor'.

Sounds like a lot of work (for myself).

Alternatively, the system could over time, recognize the above implied pattern, and build a rule itself alerting me whenever that pattern was violated.

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