Friday, February 22, 2008

You'll never get that in the overheard bin

DataPortability considers changing its logo - a set of candidates here.

Discussion is focussed on the shape, relationship, and colour of the 'd' and the 'p'. As far as I know, the 'suitcase' on which the letters are placed is unquestioned. But is it appropriate?

The chosen suitcase is clearly not a candidate for carry-on. it actually looks like one of those old-school hard-sided Samsonites your Father used that ended up covered with stickers from places like Des Moines.

So what you ask?

Well, checked luggage is not user-centric. While you do start off with your bag, you give over control of it to the 'air travel providers', trusting in them to handle it with appropriate care and deliver it to the right place. Who knows what they actually do with it in the interim? That's not user-centric, it's 'airline centric'.

I humbly suggest that a more appropriate luggage model would be one that is clearly designed to stay with the owner as a carry-on and not be checked into the luggage limbo that awaits behind the counter.

Here are some photos of my own preferred carry-on suitcase to get DP started (wrt the second, I confess it's not always easy to get a volunteer to pull me through the terminal. But my feet get soooooo tired.)

And lest you forget, contents may have shifted in flight.

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Chris Saad said...

lol very nice Paul :)