Friday, December 14, 2007

Does FutureShop sell metasystems?

FutureShop being my preferred electronics dealers, I wonder if I might be able to pick up a meta-system there, as my wife has been dropping hints for her Xmas present - hints like leaving little notes around the house about about how much she hates passwords, or asking over breakfast 'Sigh, Is there anything that can be done about phishing', etc. Subtle, real subtle.

Pam seems to suggest that an identity metasystem would have a SKU.

would like to see Enterprises adopt technologies such as the Identity Metasystem

I assert that the metasystem (of which we more and more see tantalizing glimpses of) is not a technology in and of itself, but rather separate identity technologies (each of which you can go out and buy to put under the tree) that are, at the very minimum, not incompatible, and ideally, optimized to be compatible & composable.

I will be on the lookout for Boxing Day sales though ....

As for the original question of the relevance of user-centric in the enterprise, I'm staying out of it - I claim no expertise on the pressures today's enterprises experience that might drive them to abdicate some level of control over how the identities of its employees are used. I will say this. I have been an enterprise employee in the past and cannot recall an instance where I said to myself
Wow, this authentication/identity system empowers me. The Company is really putting my interests first.

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