Thursday, October 08, 2009

User-centric Rap

In honour of US National Poetry Day

I was usa-centric before you wuz writing <object> tags
And all that NASCAR shite just makes your pages lag
So don' be givin' my protocol no dis-res-pec
Or I'll send my lawyers over with an af-fa-da-vit.

"We definin' systems to break down silos for your good"
'WTF's a silo?' sez my homies from the hood.
Just like on the Feud, the surveys say it straight
Peeps won't be lining up wit dollas at the gate.

But now Prez Obama says use it cuz we're an 'open nation'
(Pseudonyms only though and there aint no de-le-gay-shun)
Stuff like that makes ol' school 'usas' suffer from serious angst
And other govs are asking 'Is this only for the Yanks?'

So the stuff that made user-centric fill a niche
Some say is watered down like a runny cheese quiche
Where do I show my URI? Why all these logos?
And why is hostin' my own OP now a no-go?

Just like always, the ID industry keep on churnin'
And just like always, we only spo-radical-ly learnin'
It aint all grim, there is convergence 'roun 800 63 el-oh-ay
But any dream of profile harmonization is pretty much dee-oh-ay

"That's jess fine" says my ol' lady doin' online bankin'
ID stability and the household revenue will be tankin'.
We're middle-class Canadians, it's not like we got riches
So the usas you need worry 'bout are the 3 that's wearin' britches.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have to be Canadian to rhyme "niche" with "quiche"?