Sunday, April 09, 2006

Y.M.C.A (without the overt sexuality)

Johannes calls for contributions to the YADIS song.

Note: for optimum enjoyment, this should be sung while wearing motorcycle leathers. Your call of course.

Ya-URL*, there's no need to feel down.
I said, ya-URL, cause your future is sound.
I said, ya-URL, your metadata can now be found
Your issues need not go un-resolv-ed.

Ya-URL, there's a place you can rest.
I said, ya-URL, for your capabilities we can test.
They can start there, and providers can find
Others of a sim-ilar-URI-kind.

It's fun to rest with y-a-d-i-s.
It's fun to rest with y-a-d-i-s.

(Repeat till nauseus)

* - the 'earl' pronunciation, not the spelled-out acronym. This will be key for 'getting it'.

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