Saturday, December 31, 2005

Identity Bowl?

Just watched Tulsa beat Fresno State in the Liberty Bowl.

Disappointing play by play - seems only fair that if we sponsor the game they mention our identity services framework more often. Maybe something along the lines of 'Man, he lost his privacy on that hit - could have used ID-WSF' or 'I don't think he would have given his consent to being thrown around like that'.

I tried to think of a more 'convergent' name - 'Meta Bowl' sounds too medical, 'URI Bowl' sounds like the Russian Mob bought the game, a 'WS-* Star Bowl' would require an indoor stadium (closed to external influences).

Maybe next year it'll simply be the 'Identity Bowl'. We could get a bunch of no-name players, opaque face masks, use encrypted URIs for uniform numbers. Advertisers would line up.

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