Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Necessity is the mother of submission

Kim Cameron writes that WS-SecurityPolicy has been published, presumably in anticipation of the formation of the OASIS Technical Committee that will be formed for its progression.
Today WS-SecurityPolicy, which is an important specification needed to build components that support InfoCards, was published

This is the first time I've heard it acknowledged that Infocard's requirements are driving Microsoft's submission schedule. Makes sense for them but why is IBM so willing to wait?

Another key piece of enabling infrastructure for Infocard is WS-Trust and its another of the three being submitted. The immediate relevance of WS-SecureConversation is less clear to me - perhaps Infocard is facilitating the IDP and SP establishing secure session keys?

Additionally, most attention focusses on WS-Trust. But Infocard wouldn't get out of the box as an 'identity selector' if it wasn't provided with the criteria to be used for selecting. This implies policy and that implies WS-Policy (currently missing from the submission) & WS-SecurityPolicy.

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