Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yea verily!

Ping's Andre Durand, in an interview
KCP: I had the feeling at Digital ID World that some people are using the term user-centric to describe sort of the next big thing after federation, implying that federation was yesterday. Doesn’t that worry you?

Durand: That’s my point. However, I understand the marketing aspect of it. Its about creating a new category and dominating it and attempting to disconnect it from the prior category. That’s all happening on the marketing front. I just don’t want the technicians and customers to buy into the marketing jargon that’s been fairly self-serving for those that are looking to create a new sandbox to sell from. The reality is that when we’re talking about identity you can’t have a break in the chain. Identity transactions are going to be chained together and most of them either start or end in a business, so you can’t separate the business infrastructure from the consumer infrastructure in terms of the ability to do business with the business. It’s just one big continuum and if we need to add capabilities such as privacy and user mediation in the transaction, then so be it, but that’s not something completely separate.

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