Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Pat and I are now "friends" on Last.fm.

Pat and I are also connected on LinkedIn. And AIM. And through the social mechanisms of the Liberty Alliance Members Site.

If he and I fall out because of a late night whiskey drinking session in some Hong Kong opium den, it will take a not insignificant amount of work for both of us to eradicate the electronic manifestation of the relationship.

If only there were technologies by which a social relationship, once established, could be leveraged across multiple applications.

Pat appears to be big into The Clash. I've got this mental image of him in tight leather pants that I'd appreciate help in dislodging.

Update: Pat reminded me that in certain parts of the world (those lacking air conditioning mostly), 'pants' refers to undergarments. This little tid-bit of localization has only exascerbated my mental imagery issue.


Superpat said...

Tight patent leather pants, baby!

Eve M. said...

Uh, you want to dislodge the pants?

Oh, the image!... Does this help?