Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cardspace in the (Ottawa) news

My local paper (the one slightly less raggy than the other), had an article yesterday on Cardspace. Various tidbits extracted here:
  • the e-card - the leader in what could be a series of similar efforts by other companies - is part of a feature called Cardspace.
  • if the user wants to buy a product from a website, the website simply sends payment information to Cardspace. The Cardpace program forwards that to the bank.
  • All personal data are kept on the home computer - it's never catalogued in a company server
  • Microsoft said it's planning on making the e-cards portable so that people can use them from any computer on which they may be working
  • Ontario's privacy commissioner, Anne Cavoukian, said the situation has led to "password fatigue"
  • Ms Cavoukian spoke about the upcoming release of the new technology at the International Association of Privacy Professionals conference in Toronto this week
  • Other companies are creating similar programs
Now that's what I call journalism.

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