Wednesday, October 11, 2006


CrazyEgg allows you to visualize the visitors to your site. Embed a little script and sit back.

The above heat-map graphic is very informative. It tells me a number of things about my blog and how people interact with it:
  1. I was more interesting a year ago than I am currently.
  2. There is nothing more pathetic than a cold heat-map.
  3. My profile has not changed since I last checked
Tools like this could provide an interesting visual insight into the usability of new identity interfaces from the heat-map of user's clicks. Unfortunately, CrazyEgg would be incapable of tracking the ACT ('Anguished Confusion Time') spent with mouse button poised, during which the user tries to decide whether to 'Log-in Locally', 'Log-in at your Identity Provider, 'Register a New Account', or 'Provide your Identity URI'.

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