Friday, October 13, 2006

ELgg & Liberty Alliance

ELgg is an open source library for a 'personal learning landscape with the goal of connecting learners, instructors and resources creating communities of learning.'

And, according to the European Institute For E-Learning (which I believe the ELgg activity is part of) EIfEL, they're working on integrating Liberty Alliance People Service for the social layer.
Users establish personal digital identities and connect with other people, collaborate with them and discover new resources through their connections. Plugins allow users on different social networks to collaborate, and provide specific functionality for tasks like project management, mobile browsing and collaboration through user-controlled wikis.
The emerging ELgg support for Liberty Alliance ID-WSF components expands on the existing support for ID-FF (as well as OpenID it would seem).

Organizing education sessions in pubs should serve as an example to the industry. It definitely motivates me to learn more about ePortfolios and the potential relevance of ID-WSF to sharing CV information.

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