Thursday, April 23, 2009

Turns out it was a rant

Update: my people tell me that existing Liberty members will have to go through a membership registration process, i.e. it will not be an automatic transfer.

In a comment, Dave clarifies
It was a rant, Paul.

Thanks Dave, if there was a standard for semantic blog tagging, we could avoid confusion like this (and I could  apply a useful filter to my RSS reader).

Dave goes on
But it seems you (unlike those of us on the outide) have access to the KI members list - could you please post all of it (or did you)?

What was announced on Monday at the workshop was a call for participation - not the actual launch. There wasn't even a press release AFAIK. The public faq has this to say about membership
Kantara Initiative has been co-formed by the DataPortability Project, the Concordia Project, Liberty Alliance, the Internet Society (ISOC), the Information Card Foundation (ICF), and All of these organizations are now members of Kantara Initiative. The name of the organization was announced during the April 20 Identity Workshop at RSA Conference 2009, at which time the co-founders introduced key goals, benefits to the industry, and issued a formal call for participation. Many other individuals and organizations have also become members of Kantara Initiative. Kantara Initiative will release a full list of members once industry stakeholders have the opportunity to respond to the April 20 call for participation.

By default, those companies that are currently members of Liberty will become members of KI (and I acknowledge that, at least initially, some may do so if only because their fees are covered. I expect we will winnow these types out through the rigorous hazing process).

With respect to VRM representation in KI, I recommend reading the most recent (public) call minutes of the the VPI (Volunteered Personal Information) SIG.

With respect to OpenID Japan interest in KI, please check out Nat Sakimura's (public) message to the OpenID list.

With respect to whether KI offers mutual benefit, clearly some communities agree with Dave and don't see it that way. Maybe that will change in the future. If not, meh...

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Anonymous said...

But even from the list of initial KI adherents, it seems clear to me that more communities have signed up to it than was the case with Liberty... so on the available evidence, Dave K can't reasonably quibble about the Direction of Travel.

btw, please note that even I am moving on: authentication here via my OpenID.