Thursday, April 30, 2009

The new math

Self worth = Twitter (# Followers - # Following/# Followers)

I posit that a score exceeding, oh I dunno, let's say 1.4834, means the individual is both friendly and insightful - with a tweet stream to match.

If your score is negative, you are pathetic. Or a successful web marketer. Or both.


Robin Wilton said...

New Math, New Math... it won't do you a bit of good to learn New Math.
It's so simple... so very simple... that only a child can do it.

That's about as old as I am ;^)

ve7jtb said...

I need to decide who to un-follow then. I need to bump off 3 people now, or learn to live with being a web marketer.

@keveton probably deserves it for the bacon marketing, but who else to pick?

John B.

Paul Madsen said...

Unfortunately John, I had to do some tree pruning myself to maintain the 'Golden Ratio'.

Send me an email once in a while to let me know what you're up to.


p.s. Are you crazy? Give up a connection to somebody with unlimited access to bacon? Think man!