Wednesday, April 08, 2009

That hairy character writes

Well, to be specific, Vittorio writes, in discussing OpenID's (and other redirect protocols) challenge for OP/IDP discovery,

The nice part about the home realm discovery is that it has a simple & elegant solution, which happens to work well on the internet too: information cards.

A nit - the solution to the problem is smarter clients and/or user-agents - information cards are but one instantiation.

All things are possible when the User's client is smart enough to store identity (either attributes or location) and to engage in transactions on their behalf.

With respect to Chris's original point about the 'nascarization' of OpenID UI, I suggest a more global (and one more likely to resonate with those not living in trailer parks) example of the phenomena of 'branding gone bad' than Nascar is the jerseys of European hockey players.

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