Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Liberty 2.0

Only a matter of time before a somebody goes to the '2.0' meme in describing the Kantara Initiative. The 'Yet Another' meme is already being worked to death. Think of the title as a pre-emptive strike.

Of course, the fact that KI has already attracted the likes of ICF, DataPortability, XDI, and ISOC, with strong (publicly declared) interest from OpenID Japan and VRM's VPI will be brushed aside - can't let facts interfere with a good rant (or was it a rave or musing, it's so hard to tell).

I don't know if KI will succeed. I do know that its formation is just the last in a series of attempts by one identity community to establish mutually beneficial relationships with others. From where I sit I can think of precious few examples where the reverse happened.


Anonymous said...

I was going to point you to Martin Kuppinger's post, which stops short of "2.0", but otherwise expresses the kind of scepticism you predict. Unfortunately KCP's blog site appears to have died. ho hum.

Dave Kearns said...

It was a rant, Paul.

But it seems you (unlike those of us on the outide) have access to the KI members list - could you please post all of it (or did you)?

And perhaps you weren't in the meeting last fall, but there was nothing "mutual" in the dictat that LA presented.