Thursday, October 18, 2007

MyOpenID & Infocard

As announced by JanRain, you can now use an Infocard to authenticate to

As for, the mechanism is to 'add' a personal card to the existing password protected account. It's not easy to find the function, you have to navigate down through 'Account Settings -> Authentication Settings -> Add an Information Card'.

It's the logical place for the function (along with changing password or adding a cert), but it's not a page users will see often. That's probably appropriate as it won't be a common operation but maybe a link from the main sign-in page would be useful.

I tried adding the same card that I added to my yesterday, but was hit with the following

I saw the same error when I tried to log-in using the registered card (thinking that the addition might have been successful notwithstanding the error). No luck.

The issue is also pointed out in comments on the JanRain announcement page.

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Kevin Fox said...

Thanks for the post and screenshots, we are looking in to the issue.

Please feel free to contact our OpenID developers on Pibb.