Sunday, August 05, 2007

I guess I was wrong

As both Dave and Pam disagree with my claim that the Catalyst Cardspace Interopathon was not a demonstration of a metasystem, I defer to their expertise & judgement. I guess I was wrong.

Now I see interoperable metasystems every where I look:
  • Just made myself a pot of metacoffee, using a standardized metafilter in a metabrewer. No metamilk so drinking it black.
  • Kids are watching a metavideo on the metaVCR (using the metaVHS tape standard, metaBeta having been defeated. I wonder what will happen between metaBlu-ray & metaHD DVD)
  • Family likely to ride on a metatrain next weekend, the metagauge wars long ago resolved in favour of 1435 mm.

My wife finds my new habit of prepending 'meta' on the front of every second word both charming & humourous. Perhaps I'll go make up the guest room metabed with the metasheets as a precaution though.


Dave Kearns said...

The fight for the purity of "meta" was lost a dozen years ago when the awful term "meta-directory" was launched to describe an all-encompassing compendium of data drawn from multiple places. That left the real meta directory to be called a "virtual" directory. I do believe Kim Cameron was involved in that one, also.

As a fellow lingual purist I can feel your pain but urge you to move on from battlefields where the fight has already been lost.

Eric Norman said...

It seems that I also had a moment of weakness when I named my blog. I got caught up in the craze too.

Mea culpa!

Anonymous said...

Meta culpa, surely...