Friday, August 03, 2007

Email security


Dear Babington,

I hope this message finds you well (i.e. not diced up into quarters :-) )

It has been pointed out to me that the last message I sent you regarding the 'project' was encrypted using an insufficiently large cryptographic key.

While I am sure there is no cause for concern (Walsingham and his Protestant lackeys couldn't decrypt their way out of a paper sack) I shudder to think what might be the consequences were they able to either read our modify our correspondence....

Consequently, I suggest we increase our security measures. Perhaps move to WEP?

Better safe than headless eh? :-)


Mary, Queen of Scotland & England

p.s. the 'crypto' reminds me, I heard a good one the other day about my royal cousin, a crypto catholic, and a leper. Remind me to tell you when we next meet.

p.p.s. Might you have that 2 shillings I lent you? Times are tight here....

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