Monday, August 14, 2006

Public Key (chains)

Just over 4 years ago, the Liberty Alliance had a meeting in Paris. My wife had given birth to our daughter Sophie just 6 days before I had to travel. While in Paris, in a mood of homesick nostalgia, I popped for an over-priced key chain (the sort of kitch that tourist shops make their margin on) as a small gift for my new girl.

I've been popping for similarly over-priced key chains for Sophie at every location I've since travelled to. Her first question when I return from a trip is inevitably 'Did you get me a key chain?' She has even created a taxonomy for the different styles, e.g. the 'turny' ones are her favourites (three of them visible at lower left below).

As Liberty Technology Expert Group is returning to Paris next month, it seems an appropriate time for a status report.


Anonymous said...

aaah, but you failed to mention the incredible selection of beer and desserts that are also available :-)

Paul Madsen said...

I still shudder at the memory of how bad I felt the day after that wonderful French 'beer'.

Was it that beer that drove everybody else from that dinner out of LAP?