Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Id (in the Freudian sense)-Centric

Chris Ceppi proposes a new addition to the taxonomy - Ego Centric identity.

* Ego is participant in the ego centric model.

* Claim is statement made by an ego taking credit for an idea. A Claim can be made NotBefore and/or NotOnOrAfter an idea becomes well known.

* Assertion is statement made by an ego either directly or indirectly suggesting the superiority of the subject.

* Subject is always the ego.

* Asserting Party is a gathering of two or more egos to facilitate the exchange of claims and assertions. May be phyiscal or virtual.

Note: The last confuses me, in what sense is the ID Gang an 'asserting party'?

In my opinion, any taxonomy that allows for the 'Ego' but doesn't acknowledge the importance of the 'Id' is lacking.

According to Freud, the Id is that part of the psyche that deals exclusively with the needs of the individual - the Id doesn't care about anything else. It's all me me me.

Sounds super. Consequently, I propose here

Id-centric - a model of identity management in which the user's desires and wishes come before all other factors (business realities, regulations,technical limitations, etc).

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