Sunday, August 20, 2006

400 years too early

When I was in Oxford last month for the XML Summer School, in between dodging gangs of colour-coordinated teenagers in the city for English instruction , I picked up a 3-pack of biographies of English notables.

I started with Cromwell, Our Chief Of Men (warts and all) and am now thoroughly enjoying King Charles II (still anticipating the debauchery - you're a King man, use the power!).

A conversation between Charles (post-Restoration) and his advisor Clarendon jumped out at me. The two are discussing (through notes passed during a Council meeting) an upcoming trip of the King:

Clarendon: I suppose you will go with a light Train

Charles: I intend to take nothing but my night bag

Clarendon: Yes, you will not go without forty or fifty horse?

Charles: I count that part of my night bag ...

There, but for the medium, is an IM log (wit and all). I'm sure Charles felt the lack of a smiley for his last  :-)

Oxford was good (but not good enough) to Charles's father, as it was to me. I do hope the Royal apartments had air conditioning though.

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