Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tenuous Connection to Identity

Seed magazine reports that researchers have discovered a connection between genetics and human sexual behaviour. Shocking news!

Given that our sexual behaviour is the mechanism (though not the only possible one) by which our genes reproduce themselves - it would be very surprising were sexual behaviour (like many others aspects of our social interactions) not genetically linked to some extent.

Does beg the question, how can a genotype that leads to a low sex-drive phenotype persist and not be selected out? All else being equal, somebody with a low sex-drive will be less likely to have descendants than somebody else with normal or high levels of 'horniness'. Fewer descendants means that fewer copies of the gene will survive. I expect that the horniness gene is somehow linked to another whose advantages can outweigh this effect.

As justification for a post on genetics & sexuality here, I point to a currently (long) running thread on the ID Gang list on the applicability and issues of DNA as a biometric.

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