Thursday, June 01, 2006

Name Card Lady

A friend of mine (named Ian) sent me the following email.
I had an interesting ID related experience tonight at an event. The lady filling out the name cards asked for my name. I said “My name is Ian. I – A – N”. I then watched as she wrote “ENIAN” on my name card. I politely corrected her and received a new card. In retrospect, I regret not taking the “ENIAN” card. If anyone had asked me the origin of the name I could have simply pointed to the name card lady. Surely, this process would have gone more smoothly if I had a business card to present at the registration table. I can’t help but think the same would be true for web based transactions.
I love it when amateurs think they can design identity systems.
  1. The name by which the Name Card Lady knows me would be the same as that she asserts to the other attendees. GUID
  2. He misses an obvious acronym opportunity with NCL (Name Card Lady)
  3. Not a single mention of 'user-centric' or 'metasystem'.

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CreditGal said...

Hm, you made me fall into a muse. I had such a situation once and did the same as your friend did. My name is Ashlie. She wrote "Ashley" in spite of the fact that I had spelled it.