Friday, June 09, 2006

Can't fight the numbers

Nokia commisioned a survey on how people use their cells now, and how they want to use them in the future. The results are interesting
  1. 44% use their mobile device as their primary camera, with India being home to the most prolific mobile photographers (68%).
  2. Globally, seventy two percent now don't use a separate alarm clock and 73% use their mobile as their main watch or clock.
  3. 36% of respondents are browsing on their mobile devices at least once a month. Japan leads the way in mobile internet usage with 37% admitting to going online on their mobile on a daily basis.
  4. 94% of those questioned plan to have a mobile in the future. People in Brazil love mobiles so much that 100% believe they'll own a mobile device in years to come.
  5. 21% would be more upset about losing their mobile than their wallet, credit cards and even their wedding ring.
  6. 67% predict the mobile phone will replace their MP3 player.
  7. 42% of respondents globally want their printer, PC, stereo, TV and mobile device interconnected.
  8. 58% of those questioned would like to be able to control all their household appliances via their mobile device.
Now, even acounting for a certain amount of boosterism, can an identity architecture that doesn't acknowledge (and embrace) the reality suggested by these numbers be viable?

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