Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tokyo Liberty Alliance Day 2006

I'm looking forward to participating in the Liberty Alliance Day 2006 in Tokyo on October 30th. I'll be presenting the Liberty Alliance People Service.

I have to work in the 'Web 2.0' theme/meme into my existing material. Liberal sprinklings of 'mashup' and 'remix' should get me close. Must remember to get a 'long-tail' graphic.

I'm not looking forward to the air travel for this trip quite so much (I did have the option of a much shorter itinerary but couldn't resist the somewhat toroidal shape of this set of flights).

Taking pictures of the various economy traytables I will be sitting behind will consume, oh perhaps, 1 minute of the total 40 hours of flying time. No matter, I find the pain from my knees hitting the aformentioned seat backs makes the time just fly by.

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