Sunday, May 17, 2009

IIW Submission

While I may not be attending in person, I do feel that there are still significant contributions I can make towards identity progress - specifically the following idea for a skit for the IIW Untalent show.

The following idea for a skit for the IIW UnTalent show is licensed under Creative Commons as 'Ignore & Forget'.

Here follows my idea for a skit for the IIW Untalent Show.

My idea for a skit for the IIW UnTalent Show is a take-off on the Dating Game. On stage will be an RP/SP (I see somebody from eGov or Health in the role, ideally in a dress for comic effect) asking all sort of hilarious and probing questions of the 3 candidate issuing parties (an IdP, OP, & STS) also on stage.

Questions such as

1) #1, there is nothing I find more romantic than a moonlight stroll down an audit trail. What parts of assurance do you find romantic?
2) #3, have you ever been proprietary? Are you still taking medication for it?
3) #2, My girlfriends say I'm a risk taker when it comes to choosing partners. How would you describe your own attitude towards risk, using, oh lets say, a scale from 1 to 4?
3) #3, Pop-up or redirect - I go both ways, what about you?
4) All, if you want to 'do business' with me, its WS-Federation or nothing. Ha ha just joking, just wanted to see if you were listening.

And of course the answers to the questions will be filled with all sorts of identity innuendo and protocol double-meanings. I'm laughing already. A guaranteed riot.

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