Monday, May 11, 2009

AA not AAA

Hey Phil, how about a variation of this for a KNX use case?

Problem drinker (intentionally) gets a card from AA, KNX scripts filter his web content to remove any ads for booze.

All the other 12 step programs would issue their own cards to their members.

Addictive personalities could get hybrid cards as an efficiency.


Joe said...

Good use case, but I don't think it needs an AA i-card.

It needs a client-specified filter that can
(1) tell the difference between good stuff and bad stuff, and
(2) prevent the bad stuff from being displayed.

That's a much more general proposition and one that doesn't need i-cards.

The more interesting option is if you could propagate the filter selectively back to the cloud so that instead of client-side filtering, users simply don't get the undesirable ads/content in the first place. Instead, that real estate is used for something with a greater hope of being useful.

Even better is if that propagation back to the cloud has data management assurance so you know the ad networks will treat it properly, i.e., delete it, not correlate it, not resell it, not re-use it.

Paul Madsen said...

Joe, I suspect that every use case met by the KNX model could be supported by local filter (e.g. GreaseMonkey). But cards have their own advantages, as laid out by Phil recently.

The possibilities of pushing 'addiction protection' scripts back to the cloud is interesting - if suitably anonymized :-)