Tuesday, February 03, 2009


In response to the blatantly protectionist "Buy American" clause in the US stimulus package, I encourage all Canadians to boycott American IdP/OPs in favour of local alternatives.

They can have their steel, there is more margin in identity infrastructure.

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Joni said...

Canada was smart enough to build in rules to protect their domestic sales and products. Wal-mart in Canada is mandated to sell 80% domestic and 20% imported goods. Wal-marts in the US typically sell 80% imported and 20% domestic goods. (And that's a lot of Wal-marts!) American's should support Canadian goods for a stronger North American economy - It's good for all of us... Also, If you've tried to buy American you know - IT'S NOT EASY. It should be 'Produce American' so that we can THEN 'Buy American'...anyhow