Wednesday, February 11, 2009

95% success rate!

Plaxo is bragging about a 92% success rate for users of the OpenID/OAuth Hybrid extension.

Let me see if I have this right.

When you offer users a single combined OP & attribute provider (thereby removing from the equation the difficult part of having the user enable discovery of arbitrary providers), things are suddenly easy?


Anonymous said...

Well, I think it's the combination of using the email domain as a hint to pick the provider (though this trick would work with any email provider that's also an OpenID provider, e.g. yahoo/msft/aol) and then having a custom landing page to set expectations, a simple and non-scary OP consent page (that doesn't make the user re-log-in or fill out a captcha or big tos first) and the ability to get some basic profile data and access to the address book all at once, so the rest of the process can be streamlined. Any provider should be able to do this, we just got there first with google because they were the most motivated and agile to get this working with us fast. :) Thanks, js

Paul Madsen said...

thanks Joseph, I wasn't aware that the email was used for discovery in the tests

Completely invalidates my point....