Thursday, January 01, 2009

Trusted Traveller

I received a new Nexus card by registered mail yesterday.

It came with a little envelope in which I'm supposed to store the card when not in use. The envelope's interior has been metalicized.

Keep the card in its protective sleeve at all times unless you are presenting it at the border. This will help prevent the RFID chip from being read by an unauthorized reader.

Using duct tape and aluminum foil, I have created a prototype of a similar safeguard for my other identities. Seems effective, albeit hard to see out of.

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Darlene said...

I also received one of these cards but have yet to activate it. It says I have 30 days to activate this RFID card and if I don't, my other Nexus card will no longer be valid. I will have to line up at the border like everyone else. They will punish you if you don't comply. Watch this video on YouTube

I'm positive this card is actually going to be used as a tracking device. Is there any way to block the tracking capability?

I could stick the card in my mailbox in Blaine while I go shopping and then pick it up on my way back to Canada.

I refuse to be another sock puppet to be manipulated by the US government!!!