Thursday, December 18, 2008

Better left unsaid

Eve put me on to this cool UML app.

Started me thinking about how identity protocol swim-lane diagrams often have the various endpoints mulling over policy and authz decisions to themselves, completely separate from what goes out on the wire.

Something like this.


Anonymous said...

I just knew I could count on you... Alice and Bob, however, have reported you as a stalker.

George Fletcher said...

Unfortunately, with all the "indirect through the browser" sequence flows I do these days, there isn't a mechanism to show that. Otherwise, it could save me hours in OmniGraffle:)

Eve M. said...

George-- You could sort of fake it with the activate/deactivate sequence, or just make the redirection explicit. And they are taking RFEs!

Honestly, I've been creating some diagrams with this thing that would have taken FOREVER in my beloved OmniGraffle. If you can live with using a hack or two and some of the other limitations (no saving to .png etc.), it's awesome.