Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Facebook use case

A high-school friend of mine now lives in Hong Kong - where he works as a physiotherapist.

But my sore shoulder is right here in Ottawa.

What to do?


=asa said...

Finally something to replace the drudgery of email. On my way over to facebook to get an account now!

Paul Madsen said...

Dear =ass, I sense (and respect) some sarcasm. Email was another option, but did not rise to the bar on the bloggability scale (which more and more governs both on & offline aspects of my life)

<= paul

George Fletcher said...

Ahh... but the wall shares the answers with all your friends (depending on 'prih-vacy' settings) and my shoulder has been bothering me as well. This saves me having to ask someone about it. So much better than email.