Friday, February 22, 2008


It seems that DataPortability is finally heeding my advice (of this morning) and will be reconsidering the DP logo by holding a competition.

I will be submitting to the contest the following (artistically manipulated) head-shot of myself

as I believe it meets the stipulated requirements of
  • aestheticness
  • uniqueness
  • royalty freeness
  • clarityness at small-sizes (my wife chuckled at this one, not sure why)

Note: I will be donating any prize money I receive to 'The Poor' so that they can purchase i-names for themselves (it just tears me apart to think that their data might not be as portable as yours or mine).


=andy.dale said...

but, if you give i-names to poor people then you break the trust model.

The sad thing is I feel it is necessary to follow my joke with a disclaimer.... THAT WAS A JOKE.

Paul Madsen said...

Andy, I sense some middle-class guilt.

The way I see it, there are parallels in the identity world - there are those who have (the IDPs) and those who do not (the SPs).

The SPs go around constantly looking for a hand-out from the IDPs. The IDPs act all superior but the fact is, even the richest IDP is only a security breach away from being an SP itself.

Personally, I think SPs would do OK if they just got off their fat lazy asses and got some identity of their own.


p.s. same disclaimer.