Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Eve Maler suggested an alternative shibboleth for distinguishing the SAML community from others - namely the pronunciation of 'PAOS'.

Eve points out that the shibboleth I had proposed - 'back-channel' - was originally introduced by Liberty and so it doesn't serve to distinguish SAML from Liberty. While not ignoring the differences, I actually think of Liberty as part of the 'SAML tribe' - fundamental as SAML is to the LAP architecture.

Eve postulates that:

in SAML discussions, this is usually pronounced “pay-oss". But in Liberty meetings, it’s pronounced “paah-ose” – by some of the same people.

I'm at a Liberty meeting right now so I'm going to start keeping track of how people say 'paos' , results to come.


Eve M. said...

Well? Inquiring minds want to know! (I was on a lovely Hawaiian vacation and had to miss the Liberty meeting...)

Paul Madsen said...

Hawaian vacation? So LU'UA as opposed to LUAD?

My (admittedly unscientific) test was unable to verify your conjecture on 'paos' pronunciation being a useful shibboleth. Perhaps somebody just had a bagle in the mouth when you heard them?