Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Aromotherapy for ID Theft

Wired reports that users, when exposed to the neuropeptide oxytocin
are more apt to feel 'trust'.

Researchers at the University in Switzerland in Zurich put the theory to the test and found that 45 percent of the oxytocin sniffers displayed what the scientists determined to be the "highest level of trust" with their money. Only 21 percent of those in the placebo group were as trusting.

Other research confirms the findings.

This suggests a new tack on id theft. A Firefox GreaseMonkey script that, on browser access to a quesitonable site, releases a small puff of 'oxytocin inhibitor' (surely there is one?) The otherwis naive and trusting user, after inhaling, would experience a strong sense of fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Instead of obediently providing their password, they back slowly away from the computer, shaking their head in confusion.

Hopefully the effect wears off before their spouse gets home. That sort of refinement will have to wait for v2.

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