Friday, July 18, 2008

IDDY 2008

The Liberty Alliance announced the winners of this years IDDY awards today.
Aetna – Aetna received a 2008 IDDY Deployment Award for an externally hosted online provider portal used for linking healthcare providers with health plans. Working with NaviMedix, the portal includes a variety of tools including transactions and content hosted by Aetna with interfaces to third-party Internet Application Service Providers and Content Service Providers. The deployment was launched in the US in December 2007 and is currently utilized by healthcare providers in all 50 states.
Citi – Citi’s Global Transaction Services received a 2008 IDDY Deployment Award for providing managed identity services that help institutional clients utilize digital credentials and signature technologies in a comprehensive and legally binding manner. Citi is both a Credential Service Provider and a Relying Party as defined in the Liberty Identity Assurance Framework (IAF). As a trusted financial services provider to the world’s top corporations and governments in more than 100 countries, Citi is addressing identity challenges in establishing trust in B2B and B2G identity-enabled transactions by coupling rigorous internal processes with proven identity management technologies.
Deutsche Telekom AG - Deutsche Telekom AG received a 2008 Multi-Protocol IDDY Award for its identity application designed to lower implementation barriers when it comes to the delivery of Online/IP-based services to consumers. Initially launched in 2002 and winner of the 2006 IDDY Award, the application has been steadily enhanced to offer multi-protocol capabilities for service provider interfaces as well as for authentication methods and automatic user identification. The application serves the requirements of the mass market for Online/IP-based consumer applications by providing fundamental functionalities such as Single Login, Automatic identification, Single Sign On and Single Logout.
UNINETT – UNINETT received a 2008 Emerging Application IDDY Award for SimpleSAMLphp, an open source lightweight implementation of several federation protocols written in PHP. Free to download and available in 15 languages, simpleSAMLphp is a platform for quick implementation of emerging standards or identity-enabled proof-of concept (POC) applications. The software implements Web SSO, and can be applied in any deployment where users need to be authenticated to a World Wide Web Service.
 Here is an ID quiz for you. By my copying huge swaths of the press release here, what well-known identity blogger am I channeling? Anyone? Anyone?

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"SAN FRANCISCO -- May 12, 2005 -- The Digital ID World Conference is the technology industry's leading conference, where thought leaders, business executives, security architects, IT managers and others gather each year to discuss digital-identity technologies and solutions. This was the fourth meeting of the conference, held in San Francisco. At the event, Kim Cameron, Microsoft's chief architect of identity and access, was one of the recipients of the 2005 Digital ID World Industry Awards for Balancing Innovation and Reality. The award was given in recognition for Cameron's outstanding contributions to the digital identity industry."