Friday, June 01, 2007

Brute Force Attack

I'm determined to get me one of these (or at least temporarily borrow one) so as to avail myself of the advantages).

Given that I know a number of real Sun employees and, after years of meeting & social exposure, can claim some insight into their personalities, I think its worth my time to try to guess their passwords for logon (I already know their emails).

First attempts
  1. astitchintime
  2. skinnyasasnake
  3. laformulaune
  4. notapat
  5. whenisnexttegmeetinginparis
  6. sarcasmishighestformofwit
  7. isoldmysoultorockandroll
  8. whiskeyisgodselixir
  9. turnofftheairconditioning
  10. youcantpushstring
  11. baguettesandredwine
  12. iregretwssomex
  13. perfidiousalbion
Just a matter of time now.

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superpat said...

No 'e' in whisky - it's whiskyisgodselixir... Damn!

Lauren Wood said...

There is if it's Irish whiskey.

Robin Wilton said...

Phew! Thanks for that reminder, Paul... you know how it is with new accounts. One so often forgets the password.

Paul Madsen said...

Pat: I inserted the 'e' intentionally, thinking you yourself would have added it to throw off such an attack. Please give me some credit.

Lauren: thank you for your support.

Robin: Indeed, if only there were technology to help ........