Friday, July 14, 2006

Tips for Vancouver Travellers

If you are going to Vancouver next week for the Liberty Sponsors meeting or the Identity Open Space, some local knowledge.
  1. Sprinkle 'ehs' liberally throughout your conversation with the Canada Customs officer - as in 'Im just here for an identity conference eh. Beauty eh'. They will appreciate your effort and might even offer you a tour of the 'back rooms' that most tourists don't get to see.
  2. Its 'orrrrnge', not 'or ange'
  3. Canada isn't actually 'the cold Puerto Rico'.
  4. Vancouverite's (and some others) believe their city is the best place in the world to live. They will tell you this over and over. Expect to hear it from the cabbie on the ride from the airport. Expect to hear it from the homeless panhandling for money. When they do, ask them if downtown meets the technical criteria of a rainforest.
  5. Canada has two official languages - Eastern and Western.
  6. To really impress, when you want a coffee ask the Concierge where the nearest "Tim's" is. When at a Tim Horton's, don't fall for the marketing hype and order a flavoured Ice Capp - they are crap and you will regret the waste of your money.
  7. Some stores will take US money at par.
  8. Canadians apologize alot. Sorry about that.
  9. Unfortunately, next week's meetings happen to fall in the middle of the 10 day window in which the league takes a break so you will be unable to see any professional hockey. Even were this not the case you wouldn't be able to see any truly professional hockey in Vancouver.
  10. Gastown offers a complementary 'Dick Hardt Double Decker Bus Tour'. From air conditioned comfort you can see where Dick lives, his favourite coffee shops, and his Porsche dealer. I believe they even have the commentary in different lanaguges e.g. Sxip, SAML, LID etc. A must do.

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Pamela said...

Here's a few more:

- talk about how you love "the hip". Don't forget to wiggle your hips a bit, just for emphasis.

- The best stuff at Timmy H's has maple in it, mmmmm... and even if the lineup is intimidating, trust me they are masters of high-volume distribution.

- If you are driving from the US in a massive SUV, you are going to have *so much fun* parking. Remember Austin Powers in Dr. Evil's tunnel?

- Whatever you do, DO NOT mention or refer to Celine Dion in any way. It could get ugly.

I hope that helps...