Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rob Zuccherato - Security in Depth

My ex-colleague Rob Zuccherato at Entrust has started a blog.

Rob's office at Entrust was next to mine and I probably wore the carpet thin walking over to ask him insightful and probing questions about crypto and security such as:
  • 'so if elliptic curve crypto is good, surely circular curve crypto would be even faster and more efficient?'
  • 'So what does RSA stand for again?'
  • 'I've locked myself out of my office, can you phone security for me?'
I expect Rob's blog will serve to reopen this educational channel for me. We'll see how long it takes him to close off comments.

Rob, in your latest post entitled "Does key size matter?", I think you missed a juicy double-entendre. As you blog more, you'll discover that a racy blog title can sometimes drive readership right past the magic '10 hit' threshold. And that's when the money starts to flow.

1 comment:

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